Admiraal Ad

Admiraal Ad came to us from The Netherlands, and from the moment we met, he was our dream come true! He is such a goofy, delightful, big tank that my son nicknamed him "Dozer" and it seems to have stuck! He romps around the farm greeting everyone with the usual Berner leans, leg grabs, and feet sitting. Not only does he wear the classic tuxedo coat in his markings, Dozer is well balanced with nice bone and substance to his structure. He has a beautiful head and lovely ear set, and his expression and personality will melt your heart! Dozer has started his show career with a Best of Winners title in his very first show out! We are looking forward to gaining his Championship Title as time permits us to get out to the shows! Dozer scored in the 90th percentile (top 10!) in Penn Hip for hips, his elbows are normal, he is OFA Cardiac certified normal and CERF certified for eyes.

Dozer's Pedigree and Certifications