Smithshire's Haystack Jax

Jax is our beautiful "red head" whose eyes express the sparkle of his personality. He is a lap dog lover but up for a job or game in an instant. He is always eager to please and his training has been effortless. We are pleased to boast that he is certified DM clear and OFA certified clear of hip dysplasia, scoring "good". His puppies are taking on his playful personality and handsome good looks. Jax demonstrates a very strong work ethic and herding desire, we hope to see his pups in the performance dog world!
Pedigree, DNA and OFA Certificates
Puppies: Full AKC Registration $3500
Limited registration/spay neuter contract $2400
Stud Fee - Private Treaty.

Tanks Teddy Bear

Tanks Teddy Bear is a son of our dear retired “Roxy” and sired by “Tank”. He has won his UKC CHAMPION TITLE at only a year old. He is a gorgeous true black faced tri and produces absolutely gorgeous pups! He is such a friendly, kind and happy go lucky dog that his personality steels your heart immediately. He is DM clear, CERF and OFA certified with no evidence of hip dysplasia.
Pedigree, Eye, OFA and Championship Certificates
Puppies: Full AKC Registration $3500
Limited registration/spay neuter contract $2400
Stud Fee - Private Treaty.

Stewart's Dressed for Royalty

Stewart's Dressed for Royalty or "Duke" as we call him came to us as a 4 year old. He achieved his UKC show champion certificate in 2012 as a two year old. Not surprising as his pedigree boasts champion bloodlines on both top and bottom throughout! He had also won several legs of his IABCA championship when traveling the show circuit in 2012. He is well balanced and correct in structure and has a nice ground covering stride. Duke is now enjoying ranch life here at Haystack Acres. He is co-owned with a friend so he has the best of both lives. He comes here to see the ladies and gets to reside part time with his family in the city and on their couch. Duke is very affectionate and loves everyone he meets. His pups take on his nice bone and cheerful expression. They are proving to be very intelligent, eager to learn and total charmers! We have held back a few of his pups so look for them on our website, they are gorgeous!! Duke is DM clear.
Pedigree, DNA and Championship Certificates
Puppies: Full AKC Registration $3500
Limited registration/spay neuter contract $2400
Stud Fee - Private Treaty.

International UKC Champion
Pynewoode A Little Tanked Up

Tank Tank
The quality of “Tank’s” bloodline speaks for itself, boasting 6 top sires of all time, 1 top Dam of all time, Specialty Best of Breed winners, multiple Best In Show winners and Pembroke of the Year award winner. Tank is fully health screened and all certifications are posted on the link below. He is DM clear, OFA certified with no evidence of hip dysplasia, CERF certified for eyes and vWD certified clear.
Tank is our show stopper, he loves everyone and everyone loves him! He has found his place on our living room couch and seems quite content here on the farm. We look forward to seeing his pups across the country in the show ring and with loving families, doing what Corgi’s do best, being faithful companions and our best friends.
Pedigree, Health and Award Certifications

Retired from breeding


RIP our dear Tank 1/13/2003 to 4/1/2016. You brought so much joy us and to those you visited for so many years in the hospital and nursing homes as a sweet and gentle therapy dog. Your blood runs on in all the beautiful puppies you sired, we are so blessed to carry on your memory here at Haystack Acres.

Coralie Magic Token

“Josh” as we call him is retired from breeding, but he lives on in our bloodlines. Take a look at his pedigree, not only is it full of champions throughout, but his bloodlines come from some of the best internationally! He has champion relatives from Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom! Josh is Penn Hip certified scoring 90% tighter in his hips than all the Corgis tested in the Penn Hip data base. He is Vwd clear and CERF certified. Josh is our farm flirt! He loves everyone and sparkles with personality! We are excited to watch his babies grow. We have several litters sired by him and are looking forward to feedback from the clientele around the nation who have his pups.
Pedigree Tree, Penn Hip, Eye and Championship certifications
Retired from breeding

Sir Rustys Radar
Radar Radar
“Radar” is our traffic stopper! He not only steals people’s attention by his handsome looks, he’ll steal their shoes too! He is mild-mannered and irresistible to be around. Radar is out of working stock, his parents are currently employed on a cattle ranch doing what Corgis are bred to do, moving cows! He tends to put his face on his pups, producing sable, red and tri colored litters. Radar is certified by the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals to be free from hip dysplasia. He is rated as "Good" in his evaluation for hip joint conformation and is also vWD certified as "clear".
Pedigree Tree, DNA and Hips certifications

Retired from breeding

Rock'n Roller Elvis Bear
Elegant best describes "Elvis"! He is well bred with beautiful confirmation, color and markings. Elvis is fun-loving and energetic, always up for a game! He sired show quality dogs with lots of chrome. His first litters are just reaching maturity, watch for photos as we post them below! Elvis is vWD negative. We have decided with careful consideration to expand our breeding program with some different bloodlines. Elvis has beautiful producing daughters who will be continuing his bloodline here at Haystack Acres.
Pedigree Tree

Retired from breeding.